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Lose Weight with the Nutritrack App

Track Your Nutrition

You can track over 29 unique nutrients with Nutritrack, including (but not limited to): Calories, Carbs, Fat, Protein, Vitamin D, Iron, Calcium Vitamin K, Vitamin B12, Magnesium, Selenium,  Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, and much more!

Lose Weight, Feel Great,
Maintain Muscle Mass

You can pick from 3 goals in Nutritrack – Lose weight, gain, or maintain! You’ll be able to lose weight and feel great while maintaining your essential nutrients, like calcium and iron!

Get Food Suggestions

Nutritrack gives you food suggestions that fit your diet and help fill any nutritional gaps your diet may have – whether you’d like to maintain weight, gain, or lose weight faster!

Learn More About Your Diet with Nutrient Benefits

You’ll be able to see potential holes in your diet by tracking what you eat with Nutritrack. You can also pick any lifestyle, from gluten free to vegetarian, paleo, high protein, vegan, and lots more!

What People Are Saying

  • This is a great app for anyone who wants to improve their health - whether that means losing weight, gaining muscle, or staying fit. [Nutritrack's] emphasis is on actual nutrient intake, which makes it stand out from other apps that only focus on calorie intake. If you have a particular health issue you would like to improve through your diet, I highly recommend this app.

    Certified Yoga, Pilates, and Barre Fitness Instructor Lindsay Calvert
  • ... As a physician and digital health expert I recommend [Nutritrack] to anyone who wants to learn more about their diet and the nutrients that they might be missing. You can find out what [micronutrients] you might be missing, what are the potentially detrimental effects of being low on that particular substance, as well as suggestions to eat the right foods to meet your daily goals.

    Harvard Medical Doctor Leonardo Grimaldi Bournissaint, Harvard MD

The Best Nutrition Tracking App

Eat the Foods You Love

Because we track over 29 important nutrients, you’ll always know what you’re getting from your food! If your diet appears to be low in a nutrient like iron, you might get a suggestion for chocolate or other delicious foods that will help boost your health!

Get the Results You Want

Reach your goals faster with micronutrient (vitamin and mineral) tracking, directly from your food! With our unique food suggestion technology, you’ll know the best foods for your diet that’ll bring you fitness and nutritional results in record speed!

Track Everything, All In One Place

With over 1,000,000 foods in our database, barcode scanning, recipe creation, unique food suggestions, custom food creation, fitness tracking, and more foods added daily, everything you need for nutrition tracking is right here!

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